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We brings years of experience in community resource management to the table to help you build a community around a cause, outreach and share your message with your local community, or connect you with the right people to build the community you need to succeed.

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We also provide a variety of educational experiences from single classes and group workshops, to One on One business coaching and multi-day retreats. We are here to help you level up and feel confident when taking on your dreams. 

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Who we are

Been There, Done That. . .

The path to building the business we love today wasn't always positive. We were bumped, bruised, and given bad advice (even if it was given in the right spirit). Sometimes we wanted to throw in the towel… but we made it to the other side and learned an amazing amount on the way!

No one should have to go it alone!  That’s how Total Geekery was born.

Our team consists of business owners, community leaders, outreach and resource specialists, and serial entrepreneurs who have been working together to help build a better community. 

And now we want to share that awesome information with you! 

In life there are lot of elements that go into every decision. There are also a huge number of factors playing into the most effective and efficient ways for your business or project to grow and succeed.

  • Some of these are based in Community
  • Some are based in Education or Skill building
  • Others are based on Communication

All these systems are based on you!

That’s where we come in. Our consultants take a big picture look at you, your business or project, and your goals. We work with you to devise a plan allowing you to work toward success in all three facets: Community, Education, and Communication. We really get to know how things currently work, what your plans for growth are, and how integrating outreach, technology, systems efficiency, new habits, workflows, and resources will lead to success. 

We want to share our insight

And help you avoid the pitfalls, bumps, and bruises that make owning a business stressful, time consuming, and downright hard.

Contact us today and see how we can help you get back on track! 



Building Community through Connection

We believe connecting with the community around you and building micro-communities around shared passions are the secret to success when it comes to leading a connected life or building a successful business or project. 

We offer both consulting and Do-It-For-You services when it comes to community resource management and informational outreach.

Let our team crack your community code! 

Our approach gets to the heart of the issue and facilitates the development of the engaged community you always wanted. We work alongside you and help you see your project from a big picture standpoint. We work with you to check things off the list and connect with your target community.

Past Projects

Some the example projects our team has worked on or built include: 

  • Informational Outreach Campaigns
  • Fund Raising 
  • LMI Resource Management 
  • Community Centers 
  • Co-Working Communities 
  • Co-Living Communities
  • Cooperative Food Markets and Cafés 

Education for all Learning Styles


Teaching is our passion

And there are so many ways you can learn! We have a variety of options for every learning style and a variety of topics.

One on One Coaching

Build your business with someone who has been there and can help you navigate the good, the bad, and the ugly of setting up and growing a business. 

Classroom Style Group Training

A more traditional approach with a trainer leading an interactive classroom lecture on business, mindset, or community.

Informational Outreach

This is a combined approach using a variety of marketing tools, community based tabling, digital and face-to-face informational sessions, and personal connections via our extensive network to share a message or mission with your target community. 

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